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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Looking for the perfect jeans

I love wearing jeans. Who doesn't?! They're practical, comfortable (or should be), hard wearing and if you find the right fit, they're flattering too.  I don't often have to buy them because I choose classic cuts and they tend to look better as they age (plus I have a good friend who gives me hers when she gets bored with them!!).

We are all different shapes and sizes, I don't seem to have much of a waist so I need jeans with a lower waistband in order for the fit to be right. Every style of jean seems to be fashionable to wear at the moment which gives us a great choice and means we can choose a style and colour that flatters.

For those of us with shorter legs a longer length is needed to elongate and there is nothing worse than jeans that flap around the ankles, showing a flash of sock! There are a few basic rules which I try to stick to when choosing a new pair ...

  1. The darker the denim the slimmer your legs will appear.
  2. Bootcut flatters most people.
  3. Skinny jeans are great with boots, flat or high.
  4. Flared jeans should only be worn with heels, in my opinion.
  5. Black jeans are great for the evening.
  6. Back pockets, depending on how they are placed can make your bottom look bigger or smaller.  Small pockets tend to make you look bigger while large pockets reduce.
  7. Too low a waist and it looks just plain nasty and you run the risk of 'builders bottom' if you bent down.
  8. A slightly stretchy denim is more comfortable and fits better.
  9. Unnecessary detailing such as sequins can look cheap.
  10. Tapered jeans seem to be making a comeback - they can make your thighs look huge!
  11. If the jeans have distressing it should be well done - no one looks good with two pale stripes on the front of the thighs!
  12. A lower waist flatters the waist.
  13. Carrot top jeans - just look plain awful, enough said.
  14. Boyfriend jeans are great casual jeans - only wear with flats.
  15. Cropped jeans look good on no one. They shorten the appearance of your legs and make your thighs look big - sorry but its true!
Too low, odd white patches, too short ... need I go on?

These dark blue jeans would suit most women

Dark and skinny, perfect length

These are from Tommy Hilfiger. Just enough detailing, great daytime colour - they seem a little low but in reality are not - it must be that the model is very tall!

As with most things, the more you pay, the better the quality and fit.  Next do a very good range of jeans at very keen prices, click here to have a look.  My current favourite brand is Tommy Hilfiger.  For me the fit is fantastic and the prices arn't ridiculous.  Click here to look at the Tommy Hilfiger range.

I wish I had the legs to wear these ...

Ah well!

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