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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bags of Style

I have a serious leather addiction and when it comes to handbags nothing else will do - the smell and feel of it can't be beaten.

Since Radley bags have become so popular, I sold my collection and began a new love affair - with Mulberry.  Mulberry are not cheap but the quality surpasses anything I've ever owned and I know they will last me year after year.

My first Mulberry was the Roxanne satchell in Oak (a lovely warm tan colour) which goes with everything and is big enough to carry pretty much anything you want.  Mulberry don't make it anymore but its a classic.

Roxanne Satchel

My more recent purchase is the Alexa satchel in black, named after Alexa Chung.  They do a huge range of Alexas, smaller ones, larger ones, different colours and textures but I chose black for its versatility and use it every day.


Both are perfect day time bags.  I am looking to buy a smaller bag to use in the evenings, Mulberry have a huge range to choose from - click on for a look at the range.

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