It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure - Coco Chanel

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ringing in the changes

Today I bought this ring from Jigsaw.  Its made of horn with brass detailing and has filled a gap in my collection of dress rings.  I've been looking for a cream coloured ring for ages and hate the plastic rings you can buy.
Jigsaw have an excellent range of jewellery on the whole but it is their knitwear that I really love.  Last year I bought this cardigan which I wear with boots and a belt as a dress.

It features a double-layered front giving the impression of a cardigan over a dress and it made of a very fine knit.  I adore it and wear it loads!

I also bought a thin red belt today (from John Lewis) and will probably wear it with this cardigan and maybe some red tights - lovely!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can't Get Enough ..... Denim

So happy that denim is having a revival this Spring - my much-loved FCUK denim jacket has been brought out from the back on the wardrobe in anticipation.

I've been busy at Firetrap recently, they have some great denim pieces such as this fitted denim shirt ...

with cute little details such as this mismatched button thread ...

and I adore this cute shirt dress with its retro 80s feel ...

I have replaced the denim tie belt for a Tommy Hilfiger leather studded belt and wear with these Russell and Bromley clogs ...

On the catwalk we are shown a more tailored and elegant approach to denim using finer fabrics and sharp tailoring.  At Derek Lam the cut is precise and the overall effect is smart and polished.  The classic combination of denim with a white shirt in my opinion can never go wrong.

(photo courtesy of
Derek Lamb - Spring 2011

(photo courtesy of
Elie Tahari Spring 2011
Love it or loath it but the high waist seems to be here to stay, make it easier to wear by adding heels and keeping the trousers long enough to cover the entire heel.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spring Forward - A Longing Look at London Fashion Week

It's no surprise that Fashion Week had a liberal covering of bright colours and this spring we also have the return of neons.  An injection of colour is what is needed after the cold dull winter, reminding us of the brighter season ahead.  Neon is going to take alot of confidence to wear and may be best started with the odd accessory before attempting a full ensemble but as much as we will at first reject it, no doubt we will all be wearing it in some form or other by the end of summer.

Christoper Kane shows brave colours and the new skirt length of the season
 (photo courtesy of
Once this has filtered onto the High Street no doubt it will be more wearable - I'm hoping!

Burberry Prorsum show us how to do it using brights as an addition to some amazing jackets - I can't wait to see how these will be interpretated on the High Street.  Biker jackets are a favourite of mine and these are just gorgeous.  Their designer, Christoper Bailey, has excelled himself.  Check out here to see what's available now.

Burberry Prorsum show us how
 (photo courtesy of

Thankfully, Burberry is moving away from the 'chav' image of recent years.

Modern take on the famous trench

The Alexander McQueen label is continuing with its new Creative Director, Sarah Burton staying true.

I'm dreaming of these ...

Crystal-studded ankle boots

Available from

My modestly brave take on the new colours is the Elizavita mac from Desigual ...

photo courtesy of

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Your turn!

Ok readers, is there anything you'd like me to write about?  Are there any questions you have about my blog?  Anything you don't like? Give me your feedback and help me to improve and make it better!

Looking for the perfect jeans

I love wearing jeans. Who doesn't?! They're practical, comfortable (or should be), hard wearing and if you find the right fit, they're flattering too.  I don't often have to buy them because I choose classic cuts and they tend to look better as they age (plus I have a good friend who gives me hers when she gets bored with them!!).

We are all different shapes and sizes, I don't seem to have much of a waist so I need jeans with a lower waistband in order for the fit to be right. Every style of jean seems to be fashionable to wear at the moment which gives us a great choice and means we can choose a style and colour that flatters.

For those of us with shorter legs a longer length is needed to elongate and there is nothing worse than jeans that flap around the ankles, showing a flash of sock! There are a few basic rules which I try to stick to when choosing a new pair ...

  1. The darker the denim the slimmer your legs will appear.
  2. Bootcut flatters most people.
  3. Skinny jeans are great with boots, flat or high.
  4. Flared jeans should only be worn with heels, in my opinion.
  5. Black jeans are great for the evening.
  6. Back pockets, depending on how they are placed can make your bottom look bigger or smaller.  Small pockets tend to make you look bigger while large pockets reduce.
  7. Too low a waist and it looks just plain nasty and you run the risk of 'builders bottom' if you bent down.
  8. A slightly stretchy denim is more comfortable and fits better.
  9. Unnecessary detailing such as sequins can look cheap.
  10. Tapered jeans seem to be making a comeback - they can make your thighs look huge!
  11. If the jeans have distressing it should be well done - no one looks good with two pale stripes on the front of the thighs!
  12. A lower waist flatters the waist.
  13. Carrot top jeans - just look plain awful, enough said.
  14. Boyfriend jeans are great casual jeans - only wear with flats.
  15. Cropped jeans look good on no one. They shorten the appearance of your legs and make your thighs look big - sorry but its true!
Too low, odd white patches, too short ... need I go on?

These dark blue jeans would suit most women

Dark and skinny, perfect length

These are from Tommy Hilfiger. Just enough detailing, great daytime colour - they seem a little low but in reality are not - it must be that the model is very tall!

As with most things, the more you pay, the better the quality and fit.  Next do a very good range of jeans at very keen prices, click here to have a look.  My current favourite brand is Tommy Hilfiger.  For me the fit is fantastic and the prices arn't ridiculous.  Click here to look at the Tommy Hilfiger range.

I wish I had the legs to wear these ...

Ah well!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Belt Up!

I have a huge collection of belts which I have added to over the years, some are 20 years old and perfectly worn in, never to be parted with.

A few from my collection

A few more!

 Belts are one of the easiest ways of 'finishing' an outfit - you can wear a black dress and add a pop of colour with a bright belt or brighten up a white shirt with a tan belt, there arn't any rules!

The choice of designs is endless and often the most unusual ones are found in the most unexpected places.  One of my favourites was found on a market stall in Cambridge and one in a gift shop in a very picturesque village in France.  Many of my belts hold memories of where I found them which is probably one of the reasons why I never part with them.

I look out for unusual detailing which makes the belt individual.

From Next many years ago

From a market stall in Cambridge, yes the fur is real!

Firetrap last season, I love the end of the tail

An older one from Firetrap, the distressed detailing is beautiful

It is often thought that you need to be slim to wear a belt, because it highlights the waist area but a chunky belt worn low on the hips with a loose sweater or shirt looks great on anyone.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Shade Style

Today the sun is out and for the first time in a long while I needed to wear my sunglasses - hooray!

Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the bright rays and to prevent squinting - a big no-no when you're trying to prevent wrinkles.

Over the years I've collected quite a range and have found the best quality to be Ray-Bans and Chanel.  Cheapies are fine as long as they have the right UV protection but I find the premium brands more comfortable and hardwearing.

Classic aviators are a must and will look good whether you're being casual or smart.  Ray-Ban do a great range of colours and designs to suit any face shape.

Ray-Ban - quality and versatily

Ray-Ban are also the designers of the all-time classic Wayfarer range which is enjoying a revival at the moment.  Not my cup of tea but they have stood the test of time along with the Aviators.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

They now come in a wide range of young and bright colours and wearing these you will definitely be making a fashion statement.

For a more formal look I'd recommend Chanel every time.  Their range of black framed sunglasses remind me of Audry Hepburn and Jackie Onassis.

Chanel are unmistakable

If you love to make a real statement sometimes then Roberto Cavalli is the guy for you.  His range of sunglasses are stunning and have incredibly intricate design details.

Totally OTT but totally gorgeous

Lots of High Street brands are making their own ranges of sunglasses now and Tommy Hilfiger have high quality sunglasses for a more affordable price.

Tommy Hilfiger

Playing sports, such as skiing, demands more glare protection that normally needed and you should be careful in selecting sunglasses designed specifically for the job.

Oakley do an excellent range, some with mirrored lenses which give further protection.

Oakley - superior protection

You can pick up some real bargains online if you hunt about but make sure you are careful that they are the genuine article before you buy.  I have a suspicious-looking pair of Calvin Klein's kicking about in a drawer somewhere!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bags of Style

I have a serious leather addiction and when it comes to handbags nothing else will do - the smell and feel of it can't be beaten.

Since Radley bags have become so popular, I sold my collection and began a new love affair - with Mulberry.  Mulberry are not cheap but the quality surpasses anything I've ever owned and I know they will last me year after year.

My first Mulberry was the Roxanne satchell in Oak (a lovely warm tan colour) which goes with everything and is big enough to carry pretty much anything you want.  Mulberry don't make it anymore but its a classic.

Roxanne Satchel

My more recent purchase is the Alexa satchel in black, named after Alexa Chung.  They do a huge range of Alexas, smaller ones, larger ones, different colours and textures but I chose black for its versatility and use it every day.


Both are perfect day time bags.  I am looking to buy a smaller bag to use in the evenings, Mulberry have a huge range to choose from - click on for a look at the range.

Monday, 31 January 2011

How to wear leggings/jeggings

Being in my 40s I wore leggings the first time around in the 80s and practically lived in them.  This time around it has taken me a while to be brave enough to try them again but finally I have and I love them.  I have a few basic rules which I hope stop me looking like a wannabee teenager.
  1. Always wear with a long top.  It is essential to cover your bottom (unless you're at the gym)!
  2. If you're wearing leggings with boots, make sure there is no gap between your boots and the tops of your leggings.
  3. No patterns - plain, neutrals (black, grey, taupe) colours are more stylish.
  4. During the day stick to flat boots or ballet pumps.
Heres are few examples I've found:-



I think you get the idea!

Now here's how to do it:-

Loose fitting tops balance your shape and conceal your bottom

Laying clothes adds dimension

My ideal way of wearing leggings


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Complete the look

Some people just seem to look effortlessly stylish all the time, you only have to look at the newspapers to see a celebrity doing their shopping looking great.  I think one of key items to revving up your look is a scarf.  I have lots of them from cheapies to a few more special ones.  The secret is to choose one that picks up the colours you're wearing and the way you tie it.

Courtesy of here are a few ways you can wear your scarf.

My alltime favourites are the modern-classic Alexander McQueen skull scarves.

Lucky me, I have three!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Make a Statement

I love statement jewellery; it adds an edge to any outfit and there is a huge choice on the High Street.

I tend to wear one piece at a time so I don't end up looking like a Christmas tree - or an extra from an old episode of Dynasty!

 You can pay as little or as much as you like - sometimes its worthwhile investing is some good pieces that will take you from one year to the next.  Swarovski sells some gorgeous jewellery that will keep their good looks for ever. 

Remember, when wearing bold rings your nails need to be perfect!

The Merlin ring by Swarovski - perfect blingness

The Montaigne necklace by Swarovski - I want this!!

The Nirvana ring in Jet by Swarovski - chunky modern crystal is home to an enormous range of accessories and is normally my first choice when hunting for something specific.  They cover every budget and make sure to watch out for their free delivery deals and special offers.

House of Harlow Peacock pendant
Lastly, I've had my eye out for a studded leather bracelet.  Burberry, Mulberry and Alexander McQueen all have them, and I spied this one from Whistles for a much lower price. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All Wrapped Up

No mistaking the cold weather is still with us and doesn't look like leaving anytime soon.  Going out and about you're going to need to keep warm and cosy and, as much as I love my leather jackets, they just don't cut it when trying to keep toasty.

You need more than one coat to cover all occasions and I think I've got it sorted between a couple of my favourite brands.

The Blaze coat from Firetrap (now in their sale) is smart enough for work and striking enough to make you stand out in the style stakes.
Worn with black boots, leather gloves and with a snuggly scarf this coat makes me feel good every time I put it on.

Weekends require something a bit more casual and, again from Firetrap, the Essa parka ticks all the boxes.  The quilted lining keeps me warm and the huge detachable faux fur collar is so cosy!

I team this with my cream knitted Ugg hat and Ugg Plumdale boots.

Over Christmas and New Year there are lots of excuses to dress up and celebrate and I've discovered the perfect cover-up to complete the theme.

One of my all-time favourite design labels is a Desigual and I'm lucky enough to live nearby to a great stockist - Extreme of Connaught Avenue, Frinton.  A couple of years ago I invested in this fabulous coat which never fails to attract attention.

Each year they bring out the same coat in different colours/patterns and the detailing  is amazing.

Finally, today I received my bargain leather Firetrap jacket from their online sale and its gorgeous - can't wait for the weather to warm up a little!