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Monday, 31 January 2011

How to wear leggings/jeggings

Being in my 40s I wore leggings the first time around in the 80s and practically lived in them.  This time around it has taken me a while to be brave enough to try them again but finally I have and I love them.  I have a few basic rules which I hope stop me looking like a wannabee teenager.
  1. Always wear with a long top.  It is essential to cover your bottom (unless you're at the gym)!
  2. If you're wearing leggings with boots, make sure there is no gap between your boots and the tops of your leggings.
  3. No patterns - plain, neutrals (black, grey, taupe) colours are more stylish.
  4. During the day stick to flat boots or ballet pumps.
Heres are few examples I've found:-



I think you get the idea!

Now here's how to do it:-

Loose fitting tops balance your shape and conceal your bottom

Laying clothes adds dimension

My ideal way of wearing leggings


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  1. I love the blouse cardigan combo but I don't know where to buy this. Any suggestions would help.