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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sweat it out!

Gymwear is one area of fashion that has always left me wanting something better.  Over the years I've struggled through striped pastel leotards (80s), through shiny and unforgiving leggings in neon brights (90s) and baggy shapeless t-shirts (00s).  I think now I have found the answer - Sweaty Betty!  Vest tops that hug, not cling, comfy trousers that are (finally) long enough to not flap around my ankles and jackets that actually look good - all in the most amazingly comfortable and flattering fabrics.  There is even a range designed by Stella McCartney to satisfy the fashionista.

Okay, so they're not the cheapest but boy do they do the job well - I am hooked!

My perfect fitness wear is flattering and stylish enough not to be too embarassed to pop to the supermarket afterwards - something I would be somewhat reluctant to do in a pastel leotard!

Amazingly soft fabric

Flattering fit and with a choice of lengths

So comfy and doesn't show up all the lumps and bumps 

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